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The history of the Basho Zen Meditation Chair

This journey began in September, 2006.

While deeply absorbed in a meditation retreat in the forests of Sweden,
the first inspiration sparked as it was realized that chairs can actively support the meditation process rather than just being something to sit on while trying to move deeply inside.

Thus the creative search began...

Many years of working with carpentry had already given the tools needed for creating a Zen meditation chair, which could align and support the body in a way that would make it easier to meditate.
The creative search for a comfortable and aware sitting position had been initiated. It continued through many different experimental forms, using different materials.

Creativity gained momentum, the ergonomic alignment of the body was fine-tuned, the design was perfected and the Basho Zen Meditation Chair was born. It has been a collective,
group achievement. Behind this creativity is a gathering of individuals with a deep love for meditation and a desire to help people around the world experience higher consciousness.

The Basho Zen Meditation Chair
has been designed by Ajuna & Co.

about Basho Design