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The physiologically correct design of the Basho Zen Meditation Chairs with adjustable backrest activates the postural muscles that promote a healthy body posture.

The tilted meditation seats are carefully designed in such a way that they support the natural S-curvature (lumbar lordosis and thoracal kyphosis) of the spine while seated.

Thus the meditation chair with the adjustable backrest helps preventing the wear and tear and degeneration of both intervertebral discs and the smaller joints of the spine.

The shape of the seat and distance to the ground prevents straining and twisting the knees,
which can easily occur when sitting cross legged, thus avoiding unnecessary wear and tear and degeneration.

The Basho Zen Meditation Chairs for meditation have adjustable back rest and can easily be positioned according to individual needs.

The foot rest supports the ankels and carries the weight of the lower legs, causing your feet to rest at ease on the ground.

Susanne Øgaard
Authorised physiotherapist and spiritual psykotherapist.