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1. Ordering

A binding purchase agreement has not been entered into with Basho Design ApS, until you have received an order confirmation from Basho Design ApS.

We reserve the right to cancel a transaction if the wrong prices have accidentally been quoted on the home page, as these prices are calculated automatically. The acknowledgement of order issued is thus a copy of your shopping basket and not our acceptance to complete the transaction.

2. Payment

On bashodesign, payment can be made by means of the following Danish and international payment cards:
Dankort, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V PAY, JCB, UnionPay, American Express.

Data sent by you in connection with a purchase paid for by payment card is encrypted (SSL), and therefore only PBS can read it. Neither Basho Design ApS nor others will be able to read the data.

We will not withdraw the amount for the goods until they are shipped from Basho Design ApS. An amount larger than the amount you have accepted can never be charged.

3. Time of delivery

As some of our products are made to order there will be a time of delivery of about 3 – 6 weeks.

4. Freight

We deliver by UPS or other similar carriers. The goods are normally delivered at your door. Delivery will be according to the business terms of the carriers. If you receive a damaged package, you must as soon as possible make a complaint to the transporter.

Freight prices:
All freight charges originate from the carrier's terms. The freight charges are calculated according to volume weight and transport time.

5. Right to cancel

As the product Basho Meditation Chair will only be made to order, you must accept a shorter right to cancel period for this product. The right to cancel shall apply until the production is initiated. The production shall be initiated few days after receipt of order and forwarding of order confirmation to the customer.

Products not made to order shall be covered by a right to cancel period of 14 days.

The right to cancel starts on the date on which you have received your article. You can also cancel by refusing to accept delivery of the article.

The right to cancel can only be exercised if the article is returned materially in the same condition.

The right to cancel shall lapse if you use the article in a way which obviously reduces the market value of the article. The right to cancel shall not apply to commercial purchases.

When the right to cancel is exercised, you must pay the cost of returning the article.

Packages sent COD shall not be accepted.

The article shall be forwarded to:
Hudevad Formfiner, Erhvervsvangen 12 -16, 5792 Aarslev, Denmark

6. Right to complain

There is a 24 months' right to complain.

A defect is a fault which existed at the time of delivery - typically a production defect and/or a defect in materials.

If the article is defective, you may either have the article repaired or replaced.

It is a condition that the complaint is justified and that the defect did not arise because of erroneous use of the product or other wrongful act and that the redelivery does not lead to unreasonable costs for Basho Design ApS.

If, contrary to expectations, the article breaks during the complaint period and is covered by the right to complain, defective articles shall be repaired or replaced free of charge at our workshop.

Articles shall be returned with invoice copy and a description of the reason for the complaint.

The article shall be returned in safe packaging, preferably the original packaging.

Articles which are not covered by the right to complain and/or are received without safe packaging, will be repackaged, and an amount corresponding to Basho Design ApS' costs of necessary and safe packaging will be charged.

When the complaint is reasonable, we shall refund reasonable transport costs which you may incur in connection with returning the article. Please remember to obtain a receipt for transport costs for us.

We recommend that you contact us before returning the article.

The article shall be forwarded to:
Hudevad Formfiner, Erhvervsvangen 12 -16, 5792 Aarslev, Denmark

7. Special terms for business operators

The same terms of sale shall apply as to consumers, however, with the following limitations: Business operators do not have a right to cancel.

One year's right to complain from the original invoice date.

Basho Design ApS retains the right of ownership regarding articles bought on credit until the full purchase amount has been paid. All costs in connection with the enforcement of the retention of title shall be paid by the purchaser. Interest shall be calculated from the due date at 5% per month or fraction thereof.

8. Your personal information

In order to make an agreement with us for the purchase of articles on the website, you must register with the following personal information:
telephone number
e-mail address
CVR no (for business operators)

We only register your personal information in order to be able to deliver the article to you.

Your personal information will be registered with Basho Design ApS and be retained for five years (statutory requirement), after which the information will be deleted.

Information disclosed to bashodesign will not be disclosed or sold to any third party, and we do not register any sensitive, personal information.

9. Cookies

A cookie means that a user's behaviour within a network is registered on the user's own hard disk. This means that the server (for example a website) will know who the user is at the user's next visit.

These cookies are only used to recognize your PC.

No information is saved which may refer to a person in a cookie, but only information about the user's behaviour on a website. For example a user name entered in connection with login to a special section of the website. A cookie is a text file sent to your browser from a web server and saved on your computer's hard disk. You can request your browser to inform you when you receive a cookie, or you can choose to disable cookies completely.

Technically, "Cookies" can be divided into two types. One type is called "session cookies". The aim of a "session cookie" is to monitor the articles you have added to your shopping basket when navigating on the home page. "Session cookies" are not saved to your PC; they disappear when you close your web browser.

Another type of "Cookie" is called a "Permanent Cookie", which is saved as a text file on your PC for at short time. A "permanent Cookie" helps our server to recognize your PC the next time you log onto our home page.

At bashodesign, cookies are used to optimise the website and its functionality.

10. Log statistics

Log statistics will be used on bashodesign, which means that a statistics system will collect information which may provide a statistical presentation of the number of visitors on our website, where they come from, at which part of the website it is left, etc.

bashodesign uses log statistics in order to optimise the website and its functionality.