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Maneesha James

It is soooo comfortable sitting here. I don't want to get up! I could happily stay here, meditating, working on my computer, having someone bring me coffee, meals, whatever! In fact it looks as though it were made for my room! So glad I went for it!

Rafia Morgan
Director of Path of Love Ltd. Leader of psycho-spiritual processes worldwide the last 35 years.

After many years of meditating in discomfort on all sorts of cushions, benches and chairs I sat on a Basho Zen Chair. The moment I sat with closed eyes there was a feeling of balance, effortless stillness and peace as my body simply relaxed in comfort. Also there was a kind of inner giggle as I thought: “someone has finally taken the ordeal out of meditation and made it a pleasure from the first moment - this is sacrilegious!” You really do have a great product and as meditation is the essential ingredient to almost everything. Your chair is a great contribution. May every zendo and meditation hall around the planet be filled with Basho’s.

Caroline Beumer
"Basho chairs are 'Rolls Royce’ meditation chairs"

That’s what my clients say, when taking a seat during or after many of their sessions. In my private practice, I work as a psychotherapist, I often ask people to take place on the Basho chairs during a session. During these sessions, meditations or relaxation moments, the Basho meditation chair proves it’s exquisite performance. Even people with body-issues (and who doesn’t have any?), who start complaining about their difficulty to sit down in a low position, immediately stop complaining when they experience the Basho.The chair seems to fold itself into every back. I myself find it particularly useful to sit with my bottom all the way back, in the cusp of the seating.Tilting my pelvis forward and then adjusting the back to my own needs. In this position I feel utmost supported and can sit in meditation or in a session for hours if needed, without feeling any awkwardness or pains. And children, who I frequently have in my practice, love to sit in it as well, since the chair is low to the ground. They feel as if I have placed a personal children’s throne for them. The ability to quickly fold the chairs and put them aside against the wall if I need room to play or anything, makes my workspace flexible and easily adjustable. Apart from looking really stylish (wonderful craftsmanship) the Basho chairs are a very important addition to making my work and private life (I have some at home as well) easier. I already own my chairs from the start of Basho chairs. In fact they are some of the first few ones made. They have never disappointed me, and still look and feel as new.

Anette Carlström

Thank you for creating such a beautiful chair to support the body to ease into the Inner World of Meditation. I find we have a great need of giving comfort to the body as it moves into the inner Journey of Transformation that now many of us are shifting into, creating a world of inner and outer Peace. Your chair is not only the most comfortable meditation chair I have experienced, it is also very beautifully designed. Together with the cool looking table I find it can even be combined as an office! What a great combination – working on the computer in such a relaxed and creative way and then just sink into the Presence to be filled with Comfort and Grace. Thank you for supporting the art of Being!

Turiya Hanover
Therapist since 1975, working worldwide. Leader of Path of Love. Director of Training for Life Institute.

This is a really luxurious and well thought of meditation chair. Comfortable and yet keeps you in the perfect straight back position without effort. Fantastic design, really good quality, and great guys who have created this. Thank you..... After years of backjack, this is a delight for the body.

Ratu Bagus

I have received many chairs. This is a very different chair to sit in as your energy can move freely in the body. Your body are well supported. Sitting with crossed legs in this open position, you easily can sit comfortable for 2 hours and meditate in this chair.

Osho Primal Therapist. Co-author of the book "Twice Born". Leading seminars worldwide.

Business class for meditators. A way to transcend comfortably...

Nina Morlandstø

I use my wonderful Basho chairs daily. Together with the excellent table this is my office too. My back is so much better from using this chair than any ordinary chair. But best of all, I get happier meditating in my Basho chair. And I love sitting opposite a friend, my boyfriend, my kids or a client for inquiry or meditation or just chatting.

Therapist & bodyworker for 30 years.

I have sat on many meditation chairs over the years, ranging from the austere to the sloppy. For me the Basho Zen Meditation Chair gets the balance exactly right.... it gives both firm support and luxurious comfort. I found I could sit on it for hour-long meditations without any nagging from my body… as if the chair helped my body fall into its own centre point where it doesn't have any struggle with sitting still.

Zoran Todorovic
CEO TNM Coaching Group. Breakthrough Coach.

Relaxing, meditating and exploring depts of the consciousness while enjoying your body in the perfect position! Basho Meditation Chair has dramatically improved my ability to be focused, centred, open and in perfect harmony with my body while meditating. Results are clarify of thoughts, alignment of emotions and clear vision in every day life. Basho Meditation Chair is perfect partner in creating and living your life to its full potential. In joy!!

Ashika Gottlieb
Writer & freelance communication consultant

Sitting in the Basho Zen chair, I sense how my whole body relaxes into the chair, softly unwinding tensions I wasn’t even aware of before I feel them relaxing. Working from the Basho chair and table happens easily. Hours pass unnoticed. The body is in a grateful state of outbreath and relaxation. Being held in the Basho chair - for work or meditation - is pure luxury.

Ma Prem Kanta
Owner of Kvanteskolen, Nusfjord, Lofoten, Norway.

This is such a beautiful set of chair and table for my daily meditation and work.

Susanne Øgaard
Authorised physiotherapist and spiritual psykotherapist.

This is a really good chair for my meditation praktis. It supports relaxing and an upright awake position at the same time.